Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hopefully by tonight I'll be able to show you the before, during AND the after! They are hoping to finish up by tonight. YAHOO! Right now it just looks like a big dock shooting out from the house, but by nightfall it should have nice railings, steps, lattice....everything but the flowers and 4th of July bunting on the front. (sorry, Mark - must be done). And....buh-bye gross awning!

ALMOST AFTER: Darn....not done yet! But so close. They will be back in the morning and finish it up. (they need to finish the rails, put up the side rails on the stairs and finish the lattice underneath.
Now - please picture white shutters on top and bottom.....and three deck planters that hang over the deck rail filled with more purple/white/pink petunias. Now picture a new white screen door and a new light fixture. Ok - so now that you have that pictured I have a few questions.

1. Should the new light fixture be directly above the door or on the side like it is now?

2. Can we do without an awning? I am kind of thinking it opens up the front door without one.....but if you think we should have one....what color?

3. The mailbox. We can get the flat kind that flush-mounts to the deck - the kind without the flag to put up when you have mail...or we can keep a traditional box and just post-mount it by the stairs. What do you think?

What do you think, improved? Kinda make you wanna buy it???? =-)


Tiffany said...

LOVE it! So gorgeous.

As cute as I think a light would be above the door, I'd be worried about walking out the front door in to a face full of bugs that are swarming around it :\

I'm not a big fan of awnings, so I'd say leave it without. I think a mailbox attached to the house would be cute :)

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. And yes, it does interest me in buying it. Your house has EVERYTHING we want, but a] with all the amazing work you've done to it I can almost guarantee it's out of our price range and b] we really don't want to leave Ankeny :\

Jessica said...

All that in one day? Wow!

Heather said...

Lookin' good!

I would leave the light to the side, looks good there! They have such nice front lights now, something in brushed nickel would look great.

I don't mind an awning, it goes with the look of your house. If you go with an awning, check out the cloth type ... not sure what material they are made of, but they look great and have multiple colors. I think a deep red would look great and "pop" the front of your house.

The mailbox would look good flush to the house and how handy to lean out the door and grab all the bills!!

Can't wait to see the finished project!

Kelly Moore said...

Looking good!

Light fixture: Would it suck of me to suggest two lights...one on each side of the door?

Awning: I'd go awning-less

Mailbox: Flat... unless you have budget for a really kick-ass Sticks-ish mailbox (I want one so bad... so does my mailman, who's getting pretty tired of craming trade magazines in our slot).

the hortons said...

Yes! Sean was a major Mama's boy! He said you can tell a lot by the way a man treats his mother, and I agree, but their relationship was a bit much, kind of like the guy from Psycho and his mother.

And Twilley! I have been wanting him gone since the night he told the really, really, really, long story at the magic house. He describes himself as "intimidating". I think the word he was looking for was annoying. Although his inability to talk with his eyes open might have meshed well with DeAnna's constant eye blinking!

I love what you're doing to the house and am so jealous of all the improvements. We are constantly dreaming of what we can do to improve our almost 100 year old home : ( I completely agree with Tiffany; keep the light to the side of the door, attached mailbox, and no awning : )

Faerie Mom said...

LOVE it! Can't wait to see finished pics! 1. Above the door light but get a bug light (yellow bulb) to keep swarms of bugs away. 2. No awning. I think they are ugly. Mostly. 3. No idea. My mail box is out by the road and not near the house.

Hoep this helps y'all sell it!