Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kid Nation - did you watch it last night? Amazing and entertaining. What struck me most about the show was how, although their emotions were worn refreshingly immaturely on their sleeves, the kids behaved just as adults do in their work environment. There is the know-it-all "boss" who is more worried about proving he is a leader than actually LEADING, the cry-baby who always whines, the quitter, the big bullies who get to stay because they are big and strong and like it or not - you need them, the nurturing and trustworthy leader - the only genuine one you can trust, the crazy-wierd nerd who is never going to fit in - but you feel sorry for him, and so many other types that can be found in any office around this country.

They may be kids, but they are mini replicas of today's workforce. Tune in - which one is your boss? which one most resembles you in the office?

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Jen Hanson said...

watches it with the kids. liked it.