Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On today's to-do list:

* Drop Lauren off at "school" for 2.5 hours so she can have fun and I can MAYBE get something done.

* Go to fancy bra store in hopes of finding a comfortable, supportive and hopefully not hideously ugly nursing bra that actually fits (doubt this is possible).

* Hot glue or somehow affix spray-painted red wooden letters that say S.S. (the baby's name here) to the cool life saver thingy I bought at Hobby Lobby last week.

* Pack my bag for the hospital (which means I probably won't need it until the 27th - boo).

* Laundry (of course)

* Make chili for dinner tonight, as well as extra to freeze

* Enter My Coke Rewards Codes (oh, the excitement of my day)

* Pick up Mary Kay from a customer returning the wrong shades - luckily she kept the right shade

* Make an appointment for Lauren's 2-yr pictures....probably easier to get that out of the way now than after the baby is here

* MAYBE find a scrapbook/baby book for the baby...I can't believe I have not scrapped in MONTHS!

* Nap! (yeah, right...but it is always on my list)

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