Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's 3:17 a.m........and I'm awake.....again. This time next week I'll probably be awake again - but hopefully holding a newborn. But tonight (this morning?) such luck. Earlier this evening while watching TV, sitting on the couch, I began having contractions. They started out kind of crampy and then became more intense. I almost started timing them and I thought "Great! I'll get up and walk around, climb some stairs, really get these puppies going." .......and that's when they quit. !@#$%

Cruel, cruel joke. I really expected to fall asleep (it happens occasionally) and be woken up by the real thing...but here it 3:20 a.m.....and no dice. However, looking on the bright side...I've discovered the secret to getting caught up with laundry. Sleep deprivation works wonders for that sort of thing.

SIGH. Now what? Watch more TV? Struggle to fall asleep again on the couch? (hate to bother Mark by my whale-like tossing and turning). One thing is for certain - you absolutely can not WILL a baby here...'cuz Lord knows I've been trying.

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Andrea said...

I feel your pain, Lady! I, too, spent a couple hours awake and frustrated last night! I think it is a cruel way of preparing us! I find myself checking your blog all the time now, just in case that boy of your comes! So, keep us updated.