Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hello there, sleeping world! It is 4:29 a.m. and I'm waiting for my husband to finish a bowl of cereal (add that to the unfair list) so we can load up and head for the hospital. I slept from 11:30 to approximately 3 a.m., got up, showered, put on makeup (why), dressed and tried my best to will away the strong desire for a drink, specifically coffee. I coughed and blew my nose this morning and dread the fast-forward ahead where these two simple tasks will HURT.

3 hours until surgery. What will my son look like? What will he weigh? The wait for the reassuring healthy cry and normal Apgar scores is almost unbearable. I absolutely can't wait to be reassured of his good health. I'm also unnecessarily worrying about things out of my how long before I feel alert and have memory of what's going on around me (we have video last time of me talking and APPEARING alert...but absolutely NO memory of actually being present), how soon can they take that darn catheter out so I can move freely? How long before I can eat? (those darn cereal eaters around me)...and a million other needless questions.

I can't wait to report good news soon. In the meantime - continued prayers.


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