Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A good night's sleep last night - YEAH!!!! Finally! I was only up 2-3 times and was able to go back to sleep right away. What a relief. Hopefully I can really tackle some projects today now that I"ve actually had rest! I need to clean the car seat base (how DOES an infant car seat base get so disgusting?! And why didn't I clean it before I put it away - ugh). I want to stop by the storage unit to pick up the portable swing, the pack 'n play and my scrapbooking stuff (as if - but just having it here means I COULD). Lauren will go to "school" this morning and I hope to get a quick pedicure during that time - one last splurge before the baby comes.

Other than that - a pretty routine day ahead. I should get groceries - but I doubt I'll have time before Lauren's nap. I also need to plan meals for this week - since it is already TUESDAY! We had blue hake, rice and mixed veggies last night. Surprisingly, it was a hit with everyone w/Lauren...even though we told her they were "nuggets." Darn - she's not falling for that one anymore. oh - there must be so many advantages to having a less-than-brilliant child - guess we'll never know. ha. =-)

Alright - better empty the dishwasher before my little helper wakes up.

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