Monday, September 17, 2007

Yesterday afternoon, some of my great friends threw me a BOY shower! It was so fun seeing wonderful friends who usually are running in 12 different directions with several children in tow. To sit down, pick up right where we left off a year ago (probably the last time I had a baby shower - ha) - sharing stories compliments and advice, laughing, eating chocolate and just enjoying each other's company. These are the women of God I absolutely love hanging out with. I did tell them though that our next get-together occasion will NOT be another baby shower for me. Someone else is going to have to give birth next time - it isn't going to be me. Honestly though - why do we let the hectic pace of life get in the way of important things like nurturing quality friendships? I need to work on that.

Oh - it was so much fun opening all of the baby blue things, the fire truck book, the I Love Mommy items, the trucks, dirt, bugs, snakes and sports-themed stuff. It was a very boy shower indeed. And it was FABULOUS!

Everyone wrote a piece of boy advice on a notecard for me to scrapbook someday. My favorite? Probably my Mom's - "I am so looking forward to the arrival of my new grandson. Hopefully, Lauren will be spending a lot of time with her Grandma & Grandpa."

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends. You are truly a blessing in my life. Thank you!
Here are a few pics from yesterday's shower. Side note - hope, hope, HOPE I deliver that double chin along with the baby. yikes!

Becky & Ashlynn - Hostesses Extraordinaire!
Jessica & Cheryl S. - Sounds of the Soul sistas. =-)

Mom, Me & Bailey (Lauren was napping while Daddy & Grandpa watched a guy-movie)

Baby blue Onesies, burp cloths and the teeniest of matching socks! Much needed and MUCH appreciated! Also - sorry they didn't have your size in the "My Mommy's Nuts About Me" onesie...but your loss is our gain, Mitch! Thank you, Jaime!Oh, Cheryl R. You are HILARIOUS! In addition to a generous gift card to Babies 'R Us (yeah!), a few gifts to represent boys. 1. Snake; 2. Bugs; 3. Knives (no matter how hard you try to discourage gun/knife/weapon play...they are going to do it anyway); 4. worms and dirt. So funny! A little frightening, but so funny! Thank you, Cheryl!

Nike Illini/Bears colors! Thank you, Jessica!
I love Mommy towel, washcloths, tub toys, Baby Magic & Johnson's Lotion! Thank you, Cheryl & Anna!

Homemade diaper bag (LOVE IT), diapers, monkey soft-soled shoes and the PERFECT nautical decoration/hook for the nursery. Thank you, Stacy!!

Sweet Bailey picked out a stuffed Classic Eyore for her little brother. She also gave him a train hat and matching booties. He's going to be so lucky to have you for a big sister!!I like trucks & dirt outfit and fire truck board book - PERFECT boy gifts! Thank you Becky & Ashlynn!And thank you to Kelly who couldn't be there - but sent the coolest gift! A navy blue lantern (perfect for the nursery) that actually works! It gives off a soft light - perfect for those middle-of-the night feedings/changes. Not too bright and cute as heck! Thank you, Kelly!

Sigh. How do you begin to say thank you for friends like this? I'm so amazingly blessed.

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