Sunday, April 27, 2008

7 Months OldToday Grant is 7 months old! The slippery-slope to ONE! (weeping now). This month he's shown us a lot of new tricks. He still doesn't sit up the best, but he can do it...until he falls. Now when we put him on the floor to play he rolls to his belly and then does this half-inchworm and sometimes rolling thing to get around. It is subtle - you wouldn't even really notice it even if you were watching him...but suddenly he'll be 5 feet away from where he was playing!
He continues to light up the room with his still toothless smile, but as you can see from some of the pictures below - we are definitely in a put-everything-in-your-mouth phase. I think teeth are well on there way. He soaks through bibs and shirts every day with that drool of his.

Grant babbles more and more these days - ba-ba, ma-ma, da-da and strange variations of the three. Sometimes he just lets out a long gutteral noise with a very serious look on his face. He knows he's talking....wonder what he's saying? ("You are so beautiful, Mommy! You are absolutely the best Mommy in the whole-wide world! I Love You, Mommy!!!"???)

He is getting better at eating. Opening his mouth wanting bites now...whereas before you'd have to wait until he smiled or cried to get something in there. Green beans, peas, peaches, applesauce, mangoes, rice cereal, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes...he's tried them all. He LOVES applesauce...and seemed to dig the green beans too last time.

He continues to be my mostly-mellow dude. He gets mad when he's tired, hungry or needs changed....that's MOSTLY it. I so deserved that - thank you, buddy....for cutting this Mom of two girls a break with your mellow. Shwew! are the worst sleeper of the bunch. You think a 20-minute nap is think it is ok to wake up at 4 a.m. - not cool. But oh well, you're so cute...I guess I'll just deal.

I've noticed recently that he likes to play "rough" sweet little tickles for him...he'd rather you make a monster voice and eat his rib cage or wriggle him up above your head, or bounce him up and down. Very different from the girls at this age. Speaking of bouncing - the boy LOVES to bounce! If you stand him on your lap he immediately starts bouncing. He also likes to rock his exersaucer back and forth...and hit things. Sometimes it is hitting a toy against his high-chair or maybe it is slapping his hand against my cheek...but he loves it.

Lauren seems to be going through some delayed jealousy lately. She wants to be a baby like Grant and not so much of a big girl anymore. (great - hmph.) She has really gotten the "apologize" command down-pat. Here she is acting all innocent ("I didn't Dooooo it! face) after she knocked you in the head with a book or something. Good thing your pastey-white skin shows every little mark.

* note....sorry I keep switching voices within this post...sometimes I'm talking to Grant...sometimes I'm talking about Grant. Whatever...if you wanted a wonderful writer you'd be reading someone else's blog. =-)

Bailey continues to be Grant's favorite person...Dad and Lauren are a tight second though. =-)

I can't believe he's 7-months already. Seriously unfair how quickly that goes. Until next month....thank you for not crawling or walking yet, Grant...plenty of time for that stuff.

Grant at 7 months is mostly wearing a size 9 months...or 6-12 depending on the sizing...although this shirt he's wearing is a 12 months from Target. I think this picture is funny....his mouth kind of looks like the mouth on his shirt. Mr. Funny.
I love my little man! Little drama and BIG smiles....that's just the way he is....PERFECT!


Michelle said...

How sweet. Happy Birthday!

Faerie Mom said...

Seven months... pretty soon he'll be driving! Just kidding! LOL Don't hit me..... boys are sooooo different from girls. I couldn't believe how different with my 2nd child/ first boy. It makes me really think about that whole nature/ nurture thing and predestined actions and tendencies. hmmm.... ideas in my head... lol