Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bailey & Mark returned safely from Omaha where they saw Santana. They both had a GREAT time and Mark says it was the best concert he's ever attended...ever!

Today Grandma took Lauren to get her picture taken in the dresses she sewed for her. They aren't back yet, but I'll post her pictures later. While the 2-yr-old was elsewhere I took advantage and took Grant for his 6-month pics (since I only have a few days left before he's 7 months!). Here are the pics we ordered....the first is my favorite but he did SO great today that I had to leave dozens of fabulous shots behind. =-( Here are the three I ordered:

And here are a few shots when we got home....Grant and all of his double-chin smiley-guy goodness.

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Faerie Mom said...

So cute! I love the pic of him with the guitar. Did the studio supply that? I might have to do some of the boys with their dads guitars....