Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Run, Bailey! Run!

Yesterday afternoon I packed up the little ones and we headed to Bailey's track meet. Of course the very minute we got in the van to drive over there it started raining. Not enough to cancel the meet - just enough to make it absolutely miserable. It was still warm and humid...but WET. Luckily a rain cover came with our double stroller and that saved my life! Grant was cozy and dry under there and Lauren? Well...she was excited to see sissy "win the race." (even if she had come in last, Lauren thought she winded the race (toddler speak).
Even more lucky, Grandma & Grandpa live right across the street from this track, so after Bailey's first event (4x800 relay), Grandma & Grandpa took Lauren back to their house. She had to take her new watering can...since it was raining she thought she needed to collect the water. Yup - like I needed ONE MORE thing to haul to the track meet.

It is definitely difficult attending track meets with two little ones - but I'm not going to miss Bailey's activities - it isn't her fault her brother & sister are 12 and 10 yrs younger than she is! Because I had the double stroller, that meant that we didn't sit in the stands - you know...where you can actually SEE something? And because Grant is still cranky around the 5 o'clock time....that meant I had to stay in-motion! I was able to watch her 4x800 event and thankfully Grant held out until her 4x200 event. Bailey was anchor for that relay and came in 3rd.....I thought it was a strong finish and was very proud of her.

I'm looking forward to a sunny track meet someday soon.

Tonight Bailey & Mark are headed to a Santana concert in Omaha. Mark won tickets (I swear - he is always winning tickets to something!). I'll be home alone w/the kiddos.


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Faerie Mom said...

My niece runs track. unfortunately, I never get to see her run as I am in MS and she is in FL. SHe did well! I can't imagine trying to juggle the kids while you were there. Must have been fun! LOL