Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dave Ramsey is gonna be soooo mad at me! Last night I had book remember...the dining/gossip/girlfriend club I go to once every 6 weeks where we discuss the book everyone else in the group read and vote on the next book everyone else will read? Well, I haven't been to the last 2 or 3 meetings, so I thought I'd go...and NEEDED to go to get out of this sick house I've been trapped in since...oh....September? Anyway, I had a fabulous time! I had budgeted $25 for book club on my zero-balance budget plan. Well.......sorry, Dave......I blew it.

We went to this fabulous french bistro near downtown. After I ordered my first glass of wine in...oh...three years? I knew my $25 budget wasn't going to hold up. But man - that wine was goo-ooood! I ordered the Bistro burgers (two 4 oz. sheeder farm & niman ranch burgers served on toasted brioche-poppyseed buns with lettuce, tomato and white truffle mayo. with parmesean pommes frites and homemade ketchup) - $19. I ordered a small side salad with house bleu cheese dressing - $5 (i think). DE-LISH!! And then...everyone ELSE ordered I didn't want to be wierd or anything, right? So I ordered the flourless chocolate torte (OH. MY. GOODNESS. God must be French because that was totally a piece of heaven on my plate)....$7

Then you add in the tip and my bill came to a whopping $49 & change! EEK! But I haven't forgotten you, Dave I'm looking around to see what I can sell. That's how ya do it, right? =-)

It was Rebecca's turn to present book choices...and she began by presenting The Princess Diaries and then a romance novel...(and I was so excited! I thought...hey! I might actually have a chance to READ that one! Woo-hoo!)....but clever Becky....April Fool! On to the real books...

The book we chose to read and discuss next time is: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

Now back to selling stuff to make up for my $$$$ meal last night. Oh well - nice fancy french bistro dinner? $ evening out of the house with good friends, good books and no diaper changing, no baths, no cleaning up after dinner.....PRICELESS.


Faerie Mom said...

I never do get a chance to actually read the books for my book club.... or to go for that matter! sigh.... one day... Good for you! I am glad you got a chance to get out and enjoy yourself!

mama23 said...

My hubby and I took FPU over a year ago and still use the zero-base budget and cash envelope system. Don't feel like a failure-the budget is a TOOL to help you be more conscious of where your money is going. So it's working, see? God Bless! I love my book club, too.