Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Grant - 6 months old

So normally I would take Grant's picture in the green recliner with the same giraffe (thank you, Krista) on the 27th of each month to document Grant's growth. Well, this month on the 27th we were all sick. So finally yesterday I got around to snapping a picture. I absolutely couldn't choose which one to post because he smiled a heart-melting smile each and every time! Then Lauren got a little jealous and had to jump into the picture too.

But then that didn't last long:

About you at 6 months:

* 17 lb.s, 1 oz. (50th percentile)

* 26 3/4 inches (75th percentile)

* blowing raspberries

* jibber-jabbing and exploring all sorts of vocal abilities

* NOT sleeping all night long (you have 30 days, buddy)

* Rolling over back to front (have been for months now)

* You sit-up when assisted or propped slightly

* You still like (prefer, actually) to be swaddled. You are getting big for this, but if we don't, you only nap for 15 -20 min. tops...& that's just no good. We leave your arms out now though & make sure you aren't too hot.

* Eating rice cereal, Enfamil formula (the breasfeeding ended last month) and just got the green light for fruits/veggies

* You LOVE Bailey - even if she isn't paying any attention to you - you look at her and BEAM! (or giggle)

* You try to pull Lauren's hair now (funny! I think you are going to give her a run for her money in a couple months)

* You love your exersaucer but not the Bumbo really

* You also love games like airplane, patty-cake and "i'm gonna get you"

* You look at me - at everyone really with such love! That smile is AMAZING and your eyes just sparkle.

* Wearing size 6-12 months, or in a one-piece sleeper type thing you are just now ready for the 9 month size...popping out of the 6 month size because you are so long!

I honestly don't know how a HALF of a year can go so quickly! I love you more each day and can't wait to see what this month brings. I see you aren't going to listen to me about not growing up so fast....so fine....but please at least promise me that you are going to continue to like to snuggle, kiss, hug and smile at your Mom....for a few years anyway, ok? Love you, baby Grant!



Faerie Mom said...

Wonderful! I love your way of tracking his growth and the changes... I wish I had thought of doing something like this with any of mine! LOL He is beautiful.....

kmb said...

I want to come over and play!
and put a Central sweater on that poor giraffe.

I love the happy/love picture and the follow up comment with the follow up picture of both unhappy campers. Cracks me up.