Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Items currently missing from our home:

* hair dryer - seriously - how many places could a hair dryer hide?
* orange hooded Aero sweatshirt w/monkey on it
* my favorite jeans (and i only own 3 pair anyway)
* Gretchen Wilson CD checked out from August...been searching since then
* my mind!

Things found at our home:
* The formerly missing Evita DVD rented from Family Video - found along w/5 other DVDs in the VCR slot.....LAUREN!!!
* Lots of miscellaneous adapters, chargers and other types of cords - no idea what they go to
* sippy cup with solid white substance in in garbage
* expired coupons


GuitaRJF said...

Seriously... have you checked number 1 daughter's dufflebag/purse for the dryer?

and what about the lazy-susan storage behind the front seats in the van for the CD?

I dunno... just a couple of thoughts... *grin*

Faerie Mom said...

Ha! Sounds like my house. I have been searching for a book we owe to the library since AUGUST. Still can't find it. Although I did find a sippy cup with a science experiment growing inside it.... stuffed behind my son's bed.... yuck.