Friday, April 18, 2008

Stream of Consciousness...

I love my family. I love hearing Mark make Grant giggle through the baby monitor. I can't believe he's up already - didn't I just see him at 4 a.m.? And I know that constitutes "all-night" for the doctors....but for me? All night is when I am not awake when I would otherwise be asleep. So we aren't there yet.

I need to exchange one of my shirts today. I realized the other day when the temps were in the 70's that I don't have spring clothes! Well, I do...but they are either maternity or they are athletic tees....Old Navy 2003, etc. (sad). So I bought a few things. Of course I didn't want to try anything on, so there was one that I didn't like after I tried them all on at home. Here's the one I didn't like:I hate running errands - unless I was alone - which I am NEVER.

But if I were alone - I would have page after page of scrapbooking to work on. Poor kids - no photo albums, just a few scrapbooked pages. Maybe before they marry I'll have them done. But I suppose I wouldn't even scrapbook if I were alone, because I'd be thinking of the - oh - 15 loads of laundry in the basement? I'm exaggerating - but not by much. Seriously - how am I supposed to keep the house clean, entertain the kids, make meals, work 10+ hours a week, scrapbook, do laundry, organize budget stuff for the finance class we're taking, make dental appointments for the girls, arrange for the handyman company to give us estimates on the jobs we want done, remember when track meets are, arrange someone to watch the kids when we have somewhere we have to be... Too much! And that, my friends is why I get started on everything and finished with nothing. Drives me crazy. Oh, I've tried the chore chart - no one even tried. How do YOU do it? Please tell me I"m not the only one drowning here.

It has rained here the past 2 days - and I so miss the sun from Tuesday - it was beautiful to get out of the house! We need that again. I need to get walking. I found my Weight Watcher's weigh-in booklet from a couple years ago....glanced at my end weight.....then weighed myself today.....which totally just makes me want to eat....and then walk. Ordered cute shoes from Payless - hope they fit.

Ok - need more coffee. More coherent thoughts later....maybe. I have to find time to work at least 2 hours least.

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Andrea said...

I am totally drowning with you!!! Except, I don't have a teen to look after- so, kudos to you for that! I am searching for a clue, too! I seem to stay up every night till 11 and still don't get anything done. Then I am so tired the next day when one of the kids wakes me up at 6:15 am (not counting that nighttime feeding I too experience)!!!!!!! This is neverending...