Sunday, April 20, 2008

For years the front room of our home has contained a giant desk for our computer. It is a great desk (coming to a garage sale soon!) The room has been functional for us but sort of confusing for others - especially if you look at it from a potential buyer's perspective. It has been my goal to create a more purposeful space - one that combined the functionality of an "office" (which we needed) with an understandable and comfortable look for others (which THEY needed). So..... I found a computer armoire off of the classifieds for $75. It is like-new! Yesterday we emptied the old desk, moved it to the garage and set up the computer in the new armoire.

Then I picked up two chairs from my friend/neighbor. She didn't want them anymore and said I could just have them. (FREE!). The pillows on the chairs were made by my Mom and were a Christmas gift (FREE!). The floor lamp and decor? Moved from another room (NO COST THERE!). I still need to move the desk lamp off of the top of the armoire - it is too tall. I need to find appropriate lighting for the armoire. But other than that? A pretty darn cheap room makeover I'd say! Here are the pics - sorry I forgot to take "before" pics.

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Faerie Mom said...

What I find amusing is that I have that EXACT same lamp (the corner one) in my living room. And cannot figure out where to put it. Now, after seeing this... I may just move it to the office! Thanks! ANd GREAT deals you got on that room makeover!