Monday, April 07, 2008

We had a great weekend at our house...and it's about time! Friday night Mark & I had a "date night" (long overdue). Grandma & Grandpa watched Lauren, my friend Stacy watched the baby and Bailey went to a sleepover. We ate a wonderful meal here (one of my favorite places) to celebrate Mark's birthday. We enjoyed uninterrupted conversation (imagine!) and even dessert! (twice in one week for me - oops). After dinner we headed to The Home Depot to look for a new grill (Mark's non-surprise b-day gift). The selection over there was horrible. Seriously - is it too much to ask to have ONE home-improvement store that has their act together? I guess Lowe's comes the closest...but I have plenty of horrible stories from there too. Anyway...back to the story...

After Home Depot we went here and perused the Children's books (by far my favorite section). We ended up picking up my next book club book for a friend and a couple sweet children's books for my 4-yr-old half-brother (yeah - don't ask).

Bailey babysat on Saturday - two separate jobs that kept her gone for 13 hours....but worth it...she made over $100 for the day. She spent the rest of the weekend at online retailers "shopping" for her spring/summer wardrobe purchases. Oh, man....the memories....remember when your money was YOURS?

We watched several movies this weekend. I found this rental store and I was able to get 6 movies (2 kids movies, which are FREE...ALWAYS)...and then 4 regular movies and my total was five dollars and change. Un-be-leeeee-vable! We watched this and this and this.

We also CLEANED! All of us...everyone pitched in - cleaned their "zone" and we done in no time! It wasn't deep cleaning...but it was general pick-up and what a difference it made in my life! Thank you family!!! Let's do it again!

I tried to find a picture of the Amana gas grill Mark picked out for himself - but no dice. But let me show you what I DID awesome is THIS?

Anyway - a great weekend. We relaxed, we enjoyed...AND we accomplished. It doesn't get any better.

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