Sunday, March 30, 2008

Menu Plan Monday!

I can't remember if I've shared this or not, but Mark & I have enrolled in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University to get a better handle on all things budget, saving, planning....finances...bluck. I can see how this program (if followed) can result in saving more, investing better and how to budget to accomplish that. I can see how all of that is liberating...but so far I still equate finances to math...and you KNOW how I feel about math. BLUCK.

Anyway - what does this have to do with Menu Plan Monday? Well, since we started chipping away at the daunting task named "budget" I've been looking for ways I can maintain my love for all things Target, Thrifting addiction and my beloved Diet Coke. So to give me a LITTLE sumpin' sumpin' in these categories, I'm trying to chisel down the grocery budget. (yes, I know this isn't the point - the point is to chisel down so you can SAVE more/give more/eliminate debt, etc., etc....but we haven't gotten there whatever..i'm manipulating the system for now). Anyway - to lessen the grocery bill, I've found that menu planning works WONDERS! If I plan out the week's meals on Sunday, buy the groceries we need for those meals only....I'm eliminating stupid little trips to the grocery for stuff we won't use. This saves $$$$!!!

So Thank you so much to orgjunkie for getting me going on this....stop over there and see what everyone else is eating this week!

Monday: Pork Chops/Scalloped Potatoes/Green Beans

Tuesday: Tacos/Spanish Rice/Pudding

Wednesday: Quiche

Thursday: Sesame Chicken/Egg Rolls (box kit & Schwan's)

Friday: Pizza Rolls (still looking for non-crescent roll recipe...something w/frozen bread dough or pizza dough maybe? anyone?)

Saturday: Chicken Salad Sandwiches - maybe Panini style (unless I can swing it & take Mark out for his b-day...the b-day he spent with the flu last week)

Sunday: Hamburger/Rice Casserole

Here are the recipes for the Hamburger/Rice Casserole (very economical & yummy) & the Quiche (super easy recipe) - enjoy!

Pizza Quiche

(the only thing that makes it pizza-ish is the cheese & the pepperoni…just mix up the meats or omit the meats and call it any kind of quiche you want)

Deep dish pie crust – Bake @ 350 for about 10 min.

Then mix the following:

2 C. cottage cheese
5 beaten eggs
4 oz. browned sausage
2-3oz. sliced pepperoni – sliced in strips
1 ½ C. shredded mozzarella
½ C. grated parmesan (or ramon, asiago, etc.)
¼ c. chopped onion &/or peppers, mushrooms, etc. – whatever you want

350 degrees for 45 min. or until center is done (almost ALWAYS longer by 15-20 min.)

I use frozen sausage patties, warm in micro & chop up w/my chopper
Use any combo of cheeses you like
Also any veggies you like, etc.
Can vary from “pizza” to ham & cheese, broccoli, etc.
Important note:
Might look “milky” in center – that’s probably the cottage cheese – the yellow “egg” part will be yellow-ish

Hamburger/Rice Casserole

1 lb. hamburger
1 T. onion flakes
Salt/pepper to taste
1 C. raw rice OR 1 ½ C. Minute Rice
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can either cream of chicken or cream of celery soup (I use cream of onion)
2 soup cans of water
2 T. soy sauce

Brown hamburger w/onion flakes, salt & pepper. In a large casserole, put uncooked rice, soups and water; mix. Add drained meat & soy sauce; mix. Bake at 350 degrees (if using raw rice, cook for 1 hour, 15 min…..Minute Rice – 1 hour). I’ve often made this recipe w/out the soy sauce & it is still good.
Note: BEST as left-overs…..and feel free to melt some cheese over the top or sprinkle shredded over indiv. Servings ---- mmmm.


Mom24 said...

Good luck! I try and try to save money, but am really not good at it. I think Dave Ramsey has really got a lot of good ideas, but I know that we could not maintain the program...I don't want to give up my Odyssey because we can't really afford the lease! Gee, I wonder why we're not good at saving money! LOL! Anyway, good luck to you. Your menu looks yummy.

The Carter Family said...

HI! Great menu! I was wondering if you could send me your recipes for hamburger and rice casserole and quiche. I looked for your email addy, but couldn't find it!


Sandra said...

Yum, everything looks so good. Thanks for sharing.

Mine is up too


Faerie Mom said...

I have a new recipe I am trying this week for pepperoni lasagna rollups. Similar to pizza rollups but made with lasagna noodles and then baked. Just an idea for you. I would love to get your recipe for the hamburger rice casserole!

The Carter Family said...

Hi! Thanks for letting me know. I saw on your page that you had added them to your MPM. I appreciate it. I also added my email addy to the blog. Didn't realize it wasn't on there.

Have a great week!