Friday, August 17, 2007

Diaper Bag Dilemma

I've been searching for the perfect diaper bag for this baby - one with plenty of compartments, one you can wipe clean in a jiffy, one that is stylishly cute, comfortable to carry over my shoulder and durable enough to hold-up to much abuse. I've found TONS I love that are priced over $100. I'm sorry - that is ridiculous. So, back to the search. Earlier this week I found one I thought was pretty cute, despite the small Classic Pooh on the front corner. It is lime green (despite the product description which says sage) and brown (love that combo!) - cute enough for Mom to carry but gender-neutral enough to haul around baby boy stuff in. I found it at Target and it was $30. Not bad! It has several compartments, several individual bags (insulated and not) that can go inside, its own coordinating changing pad and more. I decided to buy it - I can always return it if something better pops up, right? Keep in mind it is more lime green than the photo shows. mint green - not so much my thing.

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