Friday, August 24, 2007

Yesterday and today my Mom and I (mostly my Mom) are moving toys out of the "toy room" in the basement, priming over the Nickolodeon-themed paint color currently there and re-painting the room a soft yellow (I think) so Bailey can move in down there. She wants her closet area a different color - and that would be cute - but at $29/gallon...I'm thinking one color will suffice. I like the green better - but yellow is probably a safer color to go with. It must suck having a cheap Mom.

I'm going with good paint this time, per everyone's suggestion. Sherwin-Williams is just down the street - so it IS handy...but also about $9-$10 more per gallon. I'll let you know if I can tell a big difference. THEN once that painting is done, we'll move her furniture down, make a closet area and next week we'll begin painting Bailey's old room upstairs and working to turn it into a nursery. I haven't picked a wall color for that room yet. Not pink - I can tell you that. =-)

The toys are totally displaced - I dumped them in the unfinished room in the basement for now - the would-be scrap room? (screwed outta that one). Anyway - now that everything is pretty much a disaster, I keep expecting the phone to ring - the realtor - wanting to bring a potential buyer through. That would be the luck, wouldn't it?

Here's the Nickolodeon play room scheme going on "before"

Here's the primer going up...

And here's the (TEMPORARY) toy dumping ground for now...until I can figure out where to put them (already purged more than I care to admit)...

I am SOOO in trouble if this baby comes early. NOT READY! (well, physically...but not in any other way). I'm 2 for 2 on NOT AT ALL we should be in good shape...another month to get everything done. I don't know WHAT I'd do without my Mom is a painting machine, my Dad is supportive of that and helps watch the girls when needed - so blessed. Thank you!!!!

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