Monday, August 20, 2007

SURPRISE! The surprise b-day party at the mall resulted in lots of fun for the girls. Bailey had NO idea! She wouldn't wear the tiara and feather boa, but she did wear the birthday ribbon. How embarrassing am I?! sheesh. The "cops" as the girls put it, told them scavenger hunts weren't allowed, even though they were not searching for items - they were just figuring out clues and taking a group picture OUTSIDE of the store. Give me a break. I probably wasn't a good and responsible parent, but I told the girls that they weren't real cops and they weren't doing ANYTHING illegal and to go ahead and have fun....just be more discreet. Nice role model, huh?

They figured out most of the clues, but I think they had most of their fun just hanging out, walking the mall without parents by them - very cool 7th graders. After the mall we headed over to Costco to develop the film and have pizza (I know, I'm a cheapskate - but 2 HUGE pizzas, 8 pops...and all for under $27!). Would you believe there was actually a lady shopping in there wearing a birthday tiara?! (Happy B-day Angela). We convinced Bailey to take her picture with her. Funny!

More pictures of the evening's events below...

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