Saturday, August 11, 2007

The For Sale By Owner sign is down. No, we didn't sell...but we listed with a real estate agent last night. This after ALMOST listing with another one and then deciding not to when we felt like the agent was too busy for us, too important for us and not too into us or our house - and all this while she looked down her nose at us lowly non-agents who couldn't possibly know anything about anything. Yeah - we weren't too excited about locking into a time commitment there.

So, after some searching of the THOUSANDS of agents in town, we settled on one. He seems honest, nice - a little in a hurry always - but overall a guy we think we can trust. He's been fair with our discussions and hasn't treated us like lowly non-agent homeowners. Our listing should be LIVE by Monday. Here's praying he can bring someone in for us.

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