Monday, August 27, 2007

We had a very busy but great weekend. First, we finished moving Bailey to the basement bedroom. (I'll post a picture later today once I have it "cleaned up." Mark installed closet organizers, changed outlet switches/cover plates from black to white, moved furniture - shwew! A lot of work! On Sunday, after church, we took the girls over to my parents' house and Mark & I enjoyed a DATE AFTERNOON!!! Woo-Hoo!

We started with lunch at Rock Bottom - LOVE their stout ketchup - yum. We then headed to Toys 'R Us to shop for Lauren's 2nd b-day (Thursday, Aug. 30). We didn't end up buying her tricycle here, but we DID find the most ADORABLE outfits for she and baby boy. Mark won't let me post them until after he's born (because the outfits are THAT cute). I'm dying to show you though - finally a baby boy outfit that is beyond cute! We decided we'd like to see a movie, so we drove by to see what was playing. Since we had over 40 minutes before the next show, we ran to Target and purchased this. Do we need a helmet for this too? No idea.

We hurried back to the theater for Hairspray! I'm pretty sure we were the last people to see this movie this summer - and now I know why! It was so cute! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD - I'm buying it!

Ok - off to clean the house and get ready to prime and paint Bailey's old room to convert it into a nursery. I'm thinking of Sherwin-Williams Macademia, SW 6142 - too boring? It is a tanish color...for some reason it won't let me link to it. Accented by a few red/navy/white accent pieces? Not sure - still deciding...but I better hurry! Paint MUST go up this week!

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