Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ok, not that we haven't all heard/seen enough of Bailey's birthday, there is still more to document - believe it or not. This kid has the birthday that goes on...and on...and on. So Tuesday night we had a quiet family celebration, which included pizza, Grandma & Grandpa, our family and a homemade devil's food bundt cake that I made (I've sure got my 25 cents worth out of that garage sale cake pan!). It was a fun time.
I still can't believe she's 12. Honestly! I was so young, naive yet determined back then...but I'm so glad I had her. I can't imagine my life without Bailey in it. I felt so blessed the day she was born. Scared silly - but so happy and blessed. Little did I know that was just the beginning of what God would have in store for me/us. Sure, there were tough times - but look where He has taken us! Today we have a loving husband/father, a nice home, a beautiful daughter/sister added to our family and a brother/son on the way! I haven't worried about bouncing a check at the grocery store or gas pump in several years - life is good. Bailey knows it too. She remembers life with single me - and although she remembers it fondly, she wouldn't trade our life now for anything. I'm so proud of her - for recognizing the blessings in her life - most days - and for appreciating those around her. Maybe it is a new kid at school without a friend, or maybe it is a little sister who needs some extra attention - she's right there to help. I didn't have a clue 12 years ago that she would grow into such an amazing young woman. I love you, Bailey Jayne!

Ok - enough of that - more pics from the b-day evening.

(Presents, lots of cards from relatives and the famous bundt cake)

(A little help from Lauren...)
Her favorite jeans - BAILEY jeans from Delia's!

(Daddy, Birthday Girl and Two-ton Tillie...42 days til due date - ugh)

(Grandma & Grandpa joining in the the basement where it is COOLER!)

(Uh-Oh! Someone's getting into Bailey's birthday cake!)

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Andrea said...

It is refreshing to hear someone being soo thankful for what they have!!! It actually brought a tear to my eye reading the love (Hormones might have something to do with it)! Everything turns out right, huh!?