Friday, August 24, 2007

In gearing up to paint the nursery, I quickly realized that I probably need to pick out bedding before I can properly pick out a paint color. SO..lured by a "sale" at Pottery Barn Kids, I ordered this bumper pad as a "just in case I can't find anything reasonably priced that I really like." Here's hoping I can though. I don't want the quilt, sham and the whole set...really I just want a bumper pad and maybe a skirt...that's it. I think I can go a bunch of different directions with a bumper pad like this one, don't you think? Tan walls? Blue walls? Red trim? Lot of possibilities...and not stuck with a theme either. If I get sick of boats - then we could easily switch to about anything else with this design. That's my justification anyway. =-)

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