Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bailey rocks!

While watching the new H.S. Musical contest where they are looking for kids across the country to star in something H.S. Musical - or something like that....Bailey heard a song performed that she loved. She quickly printed a chord sheet and set off to her room to learn it. Within an hour she had it worked out! This time I asked her permission to record her...and she said YES!

I'm so proud of her - to be able to play guitar and sing will be something she can use throughout her life no matter what she does in the future career-wise. Her determination is amazing. This was the same determination that caused me to pull my hair out when she was 3....maybe it WILL pay off! =-) (hoping, as Lauren is the SAME WAY and fast approaching 3).

Anyway, here's my girl....singing "Leave the Pieces" by The Wreckers


Tiffany said...

Ab-so-lutely AMAZING. Bailey you gave me goosebumps. I would have killed for talent like that even as a senior in high school. You've got skills girl, and don't let anyone tell you different.

Start saving now, Jodi...I feel a trip to american idol auditions in your future!

Kathy Anderson said...


OK, first that was amazing--Next time you come, feel free to bring the guitar. Second, I love that song--where do you find chord sheets online?


kmb said...

I already liked this song, but now it is even better.

THAT'S MY COUSIN! (well, not technically, but that is what I call her!)

Heather said...

She rocks! She is a triple threat ... beautiful, can sing & can play guitar!! Do not let this talent go to waste!!

Kate Safris said...

Bailey I am so proud of you! That was absolutely awesome! Ali and I will watch it over and over. We are so proud to know you and have you as our babysitter, student, and friend. Remember us when you make it big because you WILL! We love you! The Safris Family

Faerie Mom said...

Wow! SO talented! I have been to hear many many bands and musicians play.... she is really good.