Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My awesome friend has a baking business....and believe me....she is AMAZING! (we often get her practice runs on wedding cakes, etc.). Anyway, I was looking at her Web site today and got to reminiscing about my own wedding cake. I remember we spent WAY too much on it...but it was delish! Or...I should say the sample cupcakes were delish because I don't think Mark & I ever actually ate a piece of our wedding cake. Sure, there was the obligatory feed each other a bit moment...but that doesn't count. HUNDREDS of dollars for this cake and corresponding sheet cakes to feed the masses....and I didn't get a single piece! (I didn't know my awesome wedding cake baker friend back then or I would have TOTALLY hired her to make our cake. She's a true artist...and very reasonable!)

Anyway - here is a picture of our wedding cake (married 12/4/04 - a Christmas-ey theme). You can't really see it in this picture - unless you click on it to blow it up - but there is a "W" on the front of the cake...I loved that. It was a white cake with a strawberry/cream layer....and it was the non-fondant icing...whatever that is called. Man - I should remember it more since it was so expensive!

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