Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet depression's first cousin, overwhelmed.

I'm pretty sure Overwhelmed is a very close relative to depression. I wonder if he needs a visit from Uncle Prozac? Probably not - I think he'd rather see Aunt Cleaning Lady, brother handyman and Grandma & Grandpa realtor and home stager stop by for a visit. That would probably do it.

In all seriousness, I'm just sick to death of getting the house ready. It seems other people just decide to list - then list. They stick a sign in their yard, sell and move on. We, on the other hand, although making significant progress/improvements....we just can't ever seem to get all the way there. It is frustrating and overwhelming.

Stay tuned - I'm praying we can get this thing listed before school starts...which, by the way....4 weeks away. It isn't because I hate this house - not at all! I'm just absolutely in a funk about not being able to "settle" anywhere. I've lived here going on 4 years....3/4 of which has been shuffling things from room to room or getting ready to sell. I just want to feel like I can LIVE in our home. If I buy something decorative - I want to know that it will stay there until I want to move it...not because we need to move it so it will show better. You get me? This isn't anyone's fault, this feeling I"m just is what it is. Anyway - enough whining - it's FRIDAY!

On my list today to contribute toward our goals:

* Re-hang stair rail to upstairs and reaffix light switch plates I took down when I painted
* Measure/Shop for new stair runner carpet for basement stairs
* Buy a ton of sponge brushes to repaint floor boards in the entire !#$^% house
* Mop laundry room floor (yeah, if the laundry will EVER be off the floor so I can mop that we even own a mop? Swiffer-ing counts, right?)
* Call carpet place for measuring/install estimate (its either that or an allowance and I think maybe replacing it would work more to our advantage - someday when we call a realtor we'll know I guess)
* And of course the usual....laundry, picking up toys, loading/unloading dishwasher, etc. And, as usual...I won't have time to do any of this because...well...have YOU tried to get anything done with a 2-yr-old and a 9-month old around?

Man - I'm annoying this morning, aren't I? Just ignore me and carry on.


Tiffany said...

:( I can only imagine the stress. I'm stressed out just THINKING of trying to sell our house [if/when that ever happens]. Hang in there, when the time is right everything will fall in to place!

Your daughter is unbelievably talented. I was in show choir all through middle/high school, that girl has something special!

Oh, and that was at the splash park here in Ankeny. It's next door to the actual aquatic center, we LOVE it! It's only $1 to get in [$2 I think for non residents but they don't ask you so you could probably get in for $1 a person!]. Unfortunately that was the first [and probably only] time we've gone this summer. Maddie has fair skin as well and I'm just not comfortable having her out in the sun for that long yet, so I have to keep her in the shade. Don't trust Savannah to go off by herself yet! Next summer hopefully!

Heather said...

I feel for ya'! Can you imagine how much you could done over a kid-free weekend? That house would be tip-top shape and sell in a minute. But, we both know that won't happen, so hang in there!! We are still in our "starter" house 6 years later!! I have fallen in love with my house and although we are outgrowing it by the second, I cannot leave!
I don't envy you at all but know you will get there!! Where are you guys moving to?

the hortons said...

We are always making "improvements" to our house for the good of the sale, whenever that is. I would love to stay here forever, but hubby does not see this as our home for too much longer. I feel ya, sister. Wouldn't it be nice to just live in the the place you live, instead of constantly being in a state of limbo? I agree with Tiffany though, everything will fall into place in time.

And that daughter of yours is amazingly talented. I am still in shock that she is so accomplished at such a young age. Thanks for sneaking the video, you super sleuth!

And, hello? Jesse and Deanna! Seriously? Jesse? I did see it coming, so I wasn't entirely surprised, but still. I am desperately hoping they will have their wedding filmed. I love me a good wedding!