Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today I painted the stairwell/ceiling/stairs to the basement. I've been dreading that job but now that it is done - what a difference and a huge relief. I painted it white (exciting, I know)...but it made a HUGE difference. It looks brighter, cleaner and ready to sell. Now we just need to pick up the new stair runner carpet, install it and then we can put a check mark next to that to-do item.

Bailey was a great help today as I worked off-and-on with house projects.

Lauren spent some time checking out Disney XD (please excuse the messy desk picture). She watched the entire Peter Pan movie and then played a few Cars games (Memory and a coloring game).

Then Bailey & I had our hair cut. Bailey's looks VERY cute (picture next post if she'll let me). Mine was just a trim - nothing to post about - trust me. After the kids were down for a nap, Bailey & I washed the basement stairs with bleach water (before I painted) and then watched H.S. Musical - Get In The Picture competition. (see? I LOVE her!)
Tomorrow I have a carpet guy coming to take measurements. I'm still hoping we can just do an allowance and not have to mess with it....but if the realtor says we need to replace it, then we will be ready. He gave me a window of between 9 and 11:30 (prime errand-running hours, since everyone is up and pleasant...after that and then we have to deal with lunch and naps). Oh well - guess I'm not getting out tomorrow.
We are getting closer! Hopefully we can get this puppy listed before the end of August. We'll see....stay tuned!

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Good luck on getting ready for your move.

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