Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm in the mood for a little sumpin' from Etsy....but I don't want to spend very much and I don't know what I want. Please point me toward some goodies on there! C''s isn't like you actually want to get any work done today be my virtual personal shopper today - it'll be fun!


kmb said...

I might do some shopping for you. The boys are at tennis and I am letting the chica play computer games at the library.

This library doesn't let you check your email or something. Or facebook. Or snapfish. I'm not pleased.

If I shop for you on Etsy it is going to be hard not to buy something of my own. And I can't. booo... Unless it is a laptop bag. Hmm..

Andrea said...

Thanks for introducing me to this site! How ADDICTING! I just sent an "Itsy Bitsy Collection - Personalized Red Hots - Multi Ribbon Initial Charm Bracelet" to a friends' daughter for her birthday. Middleschooler, so I am not sure how interested you'd be in that!! Very interesting stuff. I really enjoyed looking through the local stuff, too.