Friday, July 04, 2008

I'm thankful today for my freedom. It's so awesome to be an American....a good gear-up for the Olympics. Seriously - I LOVE the Olympics! I'm bummed that I'm too old and fat and untalented to BE in the Olympics (always a dream of mine when I was younger...swimming....breast stroke). Anyway - pride in my country swelled today...just like it does when I'm cheering my country's athletes on. Sure, we're flawed (don't worry - not turning this political) - but we are SO blessed to be Americans.

We enjoyed the town's 4th of July parade this morning. Mark marked our spot at 7 a.m. this morning and it was the PERFECT spot! In the shade and just a couple blocks from our front door. (Thanks, honey!)

Lauren has "potty prizes" til she's 5 I think. She has a giant bag full of candy. I'll be hiding that! Grant was a sport and so was his Dad for letting me decorate his boy's shirt with Obama and Harkin stickers (of course!).

Here's a peek at our morning:
sorry - had completely and totally and wonderfully IOWA...

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Farm Fresh Jessica said...

My husband remarked after our parade, "There weren't nearly enough antique tractors."

After all, there were only 3. Looks like a great day for a parade!