Sunday, July 06, 2008

On June 27, Grant reached the ripe old age of 9 months. We were on vacation, so I had to wait until we returned just a few days later to snap his picture in the same chair with the same giraffe. I don't think he aged TOO much in those few days.

So, usually I write a little about how much I love him, how he lights up my life, etc. All true still. But today I'm a little weary of writing all of that because the girls are both on my very last nerve! One is the definition of terrible two....the other....well let me just remind you that she'll be a full-fledged teen later next month. So, I will resist writing all about how Grant is my absolute favorite child today - that he doesn't steal lotion out of my purse and smear it all over the carpeting and younger siblings; he doesn't roll his eyes at me; he doesn't stomp off when I ask him to do something; he doesn't kick and stomp and scream when I say it is time to leave or turn off the TV or take a nap, he doesn't turn up his nose at the dinner I've prepared. No....he just gives me giant nearly-toothless smiles that completely melt my heart. He just softly touches my face and looks up at me lovingly as he sucks on his pacifier or bottle. He reaches for me - WANTS me - LOVES me in only a way a 9-month-old baby can do.

I'm sure his time will come. He too will make me want to pull my hair out. But for now - he is the perfect medicine for a mother's bruised feelings and exausting perserverance with discipline. My only son - my respite from the girl-drama. I love you!

Here's where you are at 9 months:

Height: 28 inches (50%)
Weight: 19.4 (50%)
Head: 44.5 cm (50%)

* Eating soft table foods
* Working on sippy cup
* Sleeping through the night (AMEN!!!)
* You have 2 bottom teeth and are SOOO close to the top teeth pushing through
*Crawling fast
* Pulling to stand
* Climbing 2 stairs (yikes!..where are those gates?)
* Waving
* Patty-Cake
* Big belly laughs.....and an awareness of what's funny and when YOU are funny.
* Moved into a bigger car seat (still rear-facing...for now). Too long for the baby carrier!
* Babble, babble, babble - ma ma, da da, ba ba
* LOVE to make noise...hitting things to make noise, yelling to make noise...just love it...the louder the better
* Playing with Lauren - chasing her with a fast crawl, trying to copy her, etc.
* 2-3 naps per day
* Sticking out your lower lip in the saddest face EVER.

I love you, "buddy" - more and more each and every month. What a gift you are in my life.


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Tiffany said...

You all looked great on the 4th! Grant is such a stud. I feel your pain. Well, half of it anyway, I can't imagine dealing with a teenager on top of the tantrums. You are more woman than I'll ever be! I hope and pray that Maddie stays the quiet, reserved, sweet little lady that she is!