Thursday, July 10, 2008

Isn't it truly amazing that we survived childhood in the 70's/80's? There are the obvious examples of how our lives were at risk every day. First, there are the vehicle violations:
1. We used the entire back of a wagon like this (ours was light blue though) as our mobile playpen. No one was strapped in....there were no car seats....and we often crawled back and forth over the middle row of seats to retrieve a toy or escape a sibling who just wouldn't "stop touching me!"

2. Here we have a nice shot of a mid-70's rear windshield....aka bed-in-motion. We LAID on that little shelf thingy right in the rear window.....while the car was moving! Yeah - that was safe.

3. And if you were a farm kid like me - then you also had the danger of riding in...or should I say OUTSIDE of one of these - . Yes - either with the tailgate down...feet dangling off the back of the truck as we headed down the ROAD! Or...sitting on the wheel hump thingy. Super-safe! Another farm favorite? If I wasn't DRIVING it at the age of...oh...10....then I was standing NEXT to the driver as we drove over pot-holed gravel driveways or rough fields.

But you know what? Negligence in transportation is not where it ends! No, siree! Take a look at these other treachorous numbers from our childhood - can't you just recall the injuries?

1. Kiddie pool of death. Who had the brilliant idea to put wet, slippery children into the hardest/sharpest plastic known to man and then - oh, yeah....add a SLIDE? Man those pool edges hurt, didn't they?
2. Lawn darts - agh...a family reunion favorite. Nothing says fun like a sharp/pointy metal-tipped dart that you give to children to hurl across the yard at other children. How we survived without being gored is beyond me.

3. It is truly amazing that I ever grew up to be "The Mom of 'Em" after all of those boy-bike injuries. Yow-za! The pain! You know what I'm talkin' about, ladies.

4. Maybe this was a "boy" toy...but I had one....and I LOVED it! I especially loved that little puff of smoke with each pull of the trigger. Not TECHNICALLY fire...but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the safest toy option out there.

5. Maybe we didn't have all of the information back then - but still....was it REALLY a good idea to buy these for your kid? Ever?

6. And then there was the unsafe practice of allowing children to watch the dangerous duos of the era. Were our parents aware of the harm this could do? Had there been long-term testing done before exposing small children to such things as this: or this: or this: or these guys (yeah - so there's 3 of them...not a duo...but they illustrate my point beautifully just the same):

7. Let's not forget about all of the wonderfully nutritious snacks we grew up eating:

8. Kids in the 70's/early 80's rode their bikes on the dusk....probably with someone riding either on the handle bars or on the back....the only skull protection was our hair.

9. Our parents dropped us off at the public pool. They didn't need to WATCH us....that was the lifeguard's job.

10. Here's a good ' involving a hot oven. Beautiful!
11. And finally - we never EVER used any of the following products:

So - here we are - 20/30 years later....we made it. Please post a comment telling me some of YOUR 70's/80's dangerous toys/practices/etc.


Heather said...

Oh my goodness! You have some good ones! I remember my sister and I riding our bikes home from the pool, at dark, after being there all day. Pop rocks still rock! We LIVED on spaghettio's and played with paper dolls all day long!

Ahhhh....the good ol' days!!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane this morning!!

Tiffany said...


Pop rocks, Bugles, Twinkies, & Kool-Aid pretty much sum up my summers.

The pool?! I never even thought about that but you're right! My parents were rarely ever with me. I can't imagine leaving my girls there!

I LOVED riding on the back of my Dad's truck, and on the trailer being pulled by the riding lawnmower :)

Okay, and I will admit. I STILL do Shrinky Dinks. Those things just plain amaze me.

Andrea said...

We used to use the gas stove to burn "ash" on the ends of our candy cigs! How wrong it that!?

How 'bout using our tongues to test a 9 volt battery!?!?!?

I used to play till suppertime or bedtime at which time my mom would yell out the front door for us to come home. I can't imagine letting my kiddos out of my sight!

Great post! SOoooo true and funny!

Faerie Mom said...

My bros and I would leave in the morning for the woods and be gone most of the day. Pop in for lunch and gone again. To the river, climbing trees, walking on the highway... you name it. We made it home by dark and our Mom never stressed out! If my kids tried that i would use duct tape on them! LOL

How about those wax bottles? Lets chew on a mouth full of wax to get the juice out! No choking hazard there! LOL