Wednesday, July 09, 2008

From Sucky to SWEEET!

It was about a month ago that the "Floods of '08" caused our NEVER wet basement to seep water. This ruined our carpeting, drywall, paneling and created a major pain in the behind. It displaced Bailey, since her bedroom was probably the worst-hit. She has spent the last month bunking with Grant. Have you roomed with a 9-month-old lately? NOT FUN! She's been a trooper though. Last night she was able to return to her room for some peace & quiet.

It doesn't look anything like it did before....and we only managed to move the bed down last night - no clothes, furniture, etc. She isn't happy with the "old lady" bed cover....but it looks nice and as with everything lately.... it is to sell...we'll worry about what we like when we get in our new place.

For anyone interested, the wall color is called Sagey from Sherwin-Williams...and then darkened 150% I believe. (and I love it). The floor color is a porch/cement paint by Behr and is called "Gathering Place." I'm SOOO happy we went with the wainscoting (Thanks for the great idea again, Stacy!). I found some nice 5x7 area rugs at Nebraska Furniture Mart Outlet for $16.99 (yes - you heard it right!). I bought 4 and will return one. I will also be returning the $70 one I bought at K-mart on sale. I bought 4 for the cost of ONE on-sale rug at K-Mart! Love me a bargain.

Before (after the water damage but before rennovation):


Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Woo-hoo! looks great!

jami said...

love the mint green with the waynescoating or whatever its called/spelled!