Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Life without Disney.....I can't imagine it...don't wanna...it would be horrible. They have come to my rescue so many times - entertaining my kids with movies, games, activities, educational fun, music and more. And they are ALWAYS coming up something magical to raise the bar even more! Their latest is Disney XD (Xtreme Digital). They run Disney movies on ABC each Saturday Night (and didn't we all grow up just LOVING that?!)...well now if we miss the showing on Saturday Night....if you didn't TiVo it...or if you just need to see it while you are waiting for the mini van's oil change or your toddler's Dr. appointment, it is YOURS! FREE! (gee a laptop would come in handy...need to get on that!)

Disney is offering full-length movie streams to Web viewers following their original showing on Saturday night. Right now it is "Peter Pan." It looks like we might be to the end of this run (darn it) - so sorry I didn't learn about this/bring this info to you sooner! But if I know Disney, they'll be more Disney goodness to come on Disney XD in the near future!

Thanks so much to "More Than Enough" for giving me the heads up on this! She has provided the following instructions on her site:

Here's a walk-through of what to expect when you try this for the first time:
1. Click on this link:
2. Wait for "Disney XD" to load (the numbers will change to 100%)
3. Click on "The Wonderful World of Disney" small window on the left-hand side to see the schedule of movies playing on TV. The movies will play on the website for a full week starting sometime after the movie plays on TV.
4. The movie will start playing now, after about 1 minute of advertisements/promos.
5. You have the option to watch it full-screen (no ads).

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Tiffany said...

Oooo thanks for the info! Life just wouldn't be the same without Disney.

I thought of you this morning, when BOTH of my girls were up at 5 AM. ARGH!