Saturday, July 26, 2008

This morning Lauren asked me to "snip" her owie on her finger (usually means a hangnail or a fingernail that is too long...and by "snip" she means get the clippers). So, I the clippers and tried to find the "owie" she was talking about. I didn't see anything unusual, so I put the clippers under her nail (or so I thought) and gave it a squeeze. YIKES! Blood! I totally and completely cut into her skin! I have been the crappiest Mom the last two days. =-(

The worst part is that is her thumb-sucking now she's trying to suck her right thumb and twirl her hair with her left hand....and it isn't working out and she's miserable. Now I know she's going to be 3 and that it is probably time to break her of the thumb-sucking habit anyway....but this is just sad.

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