Wednesday, February 27, 2008

5 Months Old

Today you are five months old. As usual, I can't believe it. Sometimes it seems like you should still be a newborn and other times it feels like so much longer - and why haven't I gotten MY act together yet? Oh you are getting fun, Grant. Your smiles are infectious, flirtatious and darn-right ADORABLE! You definitely know how to light up a room, buddy. And your eyes! They smile just as big. There is a sparkle in your eye - a joy that shines out of those (currently) baby blues.
In your 4th month you learned how to roll over, giggle more and more, babble a lot (you have a lot of very serious things to say to us - world views no doubt) and started rice cereal and then stopped (didn't digest well...we'll try again this month). You have been able to enjoy more toys now - your exersaucer, your Bumbo, your swing, lying on a blanket on the floor, your papasan....lots of options now that you have good head control. When you really concentrate on grabbing something or just studying something new you have this cute way of forming your lips into a circle - so studious, you are.

Your big sister, Bailey REALLY cracks you up. In fact, she's the only one that can get you to REALLY bust out in a fully uncontrollable giggle. Your little big sister, Lauren - well you love her quite a bit too. She can't WAIT for you to get bigger so you can play with her. She often tries now. I'll find you in your Papasan with plastic food and tea party stuff piled all around you. Man - I really can't turn my back for long - shwew.
You are lovin' your Daddy too these days. Before long you'll be wrestling on the floor together and ganging up on the girls in the house.
I love watching you grow - even though it is too much too soon. You are a wonderful baby, Grant. You COULD nap a little bit better (not like your sisters there!)...but are absolutely perfect. I think I need to go scoop you up right this second and kiss me some Grant neck, belly, cheeks. I love you, baby Grant!



kmb said...

Cute. Cute letter to a CUTE baby. How is his smile so big?! I love it!

I think the giraffe is cold, though.

Heather said...

Aw, he's a cutie!

The Mom of 'em said...

He is cold because his owner couldn't find his DRAKE t-shirt for the know the school...the one ranked in the nation's TOP 20 for BBALL! woo-hoo. Central sweatshirt to return soon.