Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Valentimes for my fwiends"

Lauren was busy yesterday afternoon making Valentine's for her friends at "school." She went with me last week to choose her Valentine's. It was a tough decision! Barbie? Disney Princess? Backyardigans? Pooh Bear? Cars? Hello Kitty? You name a design and they sold it! After a lot of painful deliberation, Lauren chose the Care Bears valentines.

So yesterday I broke out the box of Valentines, thinking Lauren would enjoy putting the stickers on each card - maybe choosing which Valentine we'd do next, etc. She had other plans - SHE wanted to WRITE!!! So here she is - writing on the cards like a big girl. (She really thinks she's writing letters).

As far as the other people in my family re: Valentine's Day...I think I have them all covered. I'm done w/Mark and I have a little something for each of the kids...except Grant. I suppose I should put something for him so when I take a picture it doesn't look like he was forgotten or treated like the youngest. =-) Do you "do" Valentine's Day? In my family we always got a little something. Maybe new socks or a CD (yeah - it was a TAPE back then....for my HUGE "boom box."...but whatever). How 'bout you?

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kmb said...

We always got something special, whether it was chocolates or a movie. In college my mom sent me "You've Got Mail" for one Valentine's day. I love that movie! And my parents! Apparently my dad asked her to send me a package and she hasn't done it yet. Don't worry, I informed her that I accept late packages.