Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Here's a little something I like to call, "Why The House Is Still A Pit..."

Today Lauren & I made Valentine cookies. Not just ANY Valentine cookies - I"m not talking about the break-apart and bake variety...I'm not talking about the heaping spoonful, red sprinkles and bake kind...I'm talking about ROLLING out dough...I'm talking about FLOUR...I'm talking about using an actual COOKIE CUTTER! Ok - so the dough wasn't homeade...but the flour, the mess, the rolling pin & cutter - all real!

I picked up the dough 80% off at Target after Christmas. Get this people - just because the kit has Christmas colors on it and comes with Christmas cookie cutters doesn't mean you have to use it at Christmas time! So I'll buy your sugar cookie mix with all the fancy sprinkles and whatnot for $1 or so...thank you very fact I'll take a few of those. LOVE the Target after-Christmas sale. Anyway - on to the baking. Lauren was my "helper" - she helped dump, stir, play in the flour, know...the good stuff. Once we had the hearts cut out, I began arranging them on the cookie sheet. From that moment on...every 3 seconds (and I am absolutely positively NOT joking about the increment of time here)...Lauren asked, "Are they ready yet?" Ugh - why when a 2 yr old asks a question and doesn't get desired answer...they must just repeat the question louder? As if I answered "No, not yet" because I didn't hear her right the first 20 times she asked.

And here they are - beautifully golden (sort of) - and mostly holding their shape.
And here they are frosted.

And here they are all sprinkled and ready to go...

And here is the round one (not enough to make another heart) being gobbled up by Lauren - who was licking her fingers between each and every bite.
Now - am I off the hook for baking for awhile, right? This redeems me from the near Mylicon overdose situation this morning, right? I'm a good Mom again?

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Jules said...

Great job, Mama! Those cookies look really good. Well worth working the kitchen into shambles!