Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First of all - Grant woke up happy this morning - ON HIS TUMMY!!! Looks like he's perfecting the roll-over technique. =-)

I'm taking Lauren to "school" this morning and heading to Costco with Grant. Oh, the excitment, right? On my list:

* Diapers
* Wipes
* Cetaphil cream
* Laundry detergent
* Kleenex (sinus cold stuff going around our house - started w/Bailey Fri, then Mark, now me & the kids - ugh)
* Milk
* Juice
* Cheese slices
* And I'm sure something else will tempt me while I'm there

Also heading to Big Lots this week to pick up the $60 car seat - BARGAIN!

Ok - boring post, I know....I'll try to be more exciting later in the week....better check back to see.

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