Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last night I thought I'd put Mark's Valentine's Day gifts in his truck, so when he opened the gifts this morning he'd start the work day in a great mood. Well, at 10 p.m. or so last night he decided he wanted to get some paperwork done...paperwork that was in his his truck. grrr. So I tried to have Bailey distract him while I ran out to the garage, removed his gifts from the truck, put them in the van and hurried back in. He knew something was up - but this morning - no gifts. So, I loaded up the kids, took Bailey to school, dropped off cookies and a Valentine for Grandma & Grandpa and headed over to Mark's work (he had an early morning Dr. appt.). I found one of his co-workers in the parking lot and asked if he would carry it in and put it in his office. Shwew - mission accomplished. He was surprised and called me right away to thank me.

THEN...I ran a few errands - one at Big Lots to pick up an Eddie Bauer car seat (22-80lbs) for $60 - BARGAIN! Except now that I look at the ad again, I got the wrong thing - the Safety 1st seat is Monday I guess. Lord I hate that store. Anyway - further reason to hate that place - their system declined my debit card...twice. Ugh. After a call to the bank it was determined that the bank was approving the transaction and the Big Lots system was reversing it. I explained this to the clerk........silence....ok then...guess I'll go get cash and come back. Good thing that was a good deal on a car seat or I would have left it all there.

I wish ALL of my valentine's were home today, but Bailey is at school and Mark is at work. That leaves me with my two little Valentines. Look at my chunky little man! He's growing so big! He scratched his face up last night - and I can't find which fingernail was the culprit. Anyway - I'll take pictures tonight of ALL of my valentines and of our Valentine's Day meal and the kids with their small gifts and will post tomorrow. Here's Lauren's Valentine's Day lunch In the meantime, I hope all of you have a Happy Valentine's Day.

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Janet said...

Mine certainly is - he has been a saint through all the health issues with my dad and even sent me Valentine flowers... he NEVER sends flowers! He's a keeper for sure! :)