Monday, February 18, 2008

Pine Sol, Elton John, Raisins and What That Has To Do With Our Weekend....

Lauren & I went to Wal-Mart Saturday morning because we're we needed a few groceries before the snow/ice started(has it ever stopped since Winter began?). While there, Lauren got a pair of sunglasses. She's so annoying...I mean cute with them! The girl LOVES them! She especially loves to wear them with her furry hot pink (pimp) hat. When she does this, sort of resemles Elton John, don't ya think? She carries them (leaves them lay) EVERYWHERE she goes and tries to put them on everyone. Really glad I bought them (NOT).
When we got home from Wal-Mart, the whole house smelled like Pine Sol (my favorite!). Turns out my dear husband swept and mopped the dining room and kitchen floors while we were out (hot-diggety dog!) There is absolutely nothing - I mean NOTHING sexier than a man who does the floors.

Ok - on to Sunday. I know on this blog I mostly brag about how cute and smart my kids are (annoying, I know).....but not today. Here's the story. Lauren wanted a snack (what's new). Finally we've convinced her that something healthy is ok to have as a snack. So there she was, sitting quietly (only happens when eating) eating her raisins, watching "her show" when all of a sudden she gets a funny look on her face - almost like she's choking. Then she starts sneezing several times. She runs over to Mark and then proclaims "I'vah raisin in my nose." Lord, Almighty! Remember my brilliant 2-yr-old that can identify capital letters, colors and basic shapes? The one we've boasted as a GENIUS? Yeah - she stuck a raisin up her nose...far up her nose. Nice. Why? you may ask? Because she could. Here it is - in the Kleenex...and Lauren's stunned look. (just about when you start wondering what you might blog about).
After the raisin rescue, we moved on to the rest of our Sunday, which included lots of laundry, lots of lying around/tv watching, lots of "pretend play" with 2-yr-old, lots of diapers - and for Mark - Lots of snow removal - thanks, honey! (by FAR one of the biggest perk of married life - no more boy jobs for me!)

We also had to protect the little one from Lauren - she doesn't mean to hurt him, but she is DESPERATE for him to play with her! (read: to boss him around and make him be the dog when she plays house, be the student when she plays school, sit there and be still while she dresses him up, etc. poor boy). Found him this way at one point. After the brief lesson to Lauren about never doing that to Grant again - I just HAD to take a couple pictures of our little "Levon." ha.And finally I'll leave you with a cutie-pie picture of my little man during "tummy time." I have several more REALLY cute pictures - but I need to figure out Photoshop so you don't have to look at his eye boogers (darn tear duct!).

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