Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl & Other Stuff

First of all, I have to tell you that this morning....GRANT ROLLED OVER! (back to tummy). Of course he was SUPPOSED to be down for a nap - but once that roll-over happened I had to get all paranoid and roll him back to his back, which completely destroyed any chance that he was going to remain sleepy and cooperative re: the nap. And yes, I realize it is only 8:30...but the boy has been up since 3 A.M. (yes, you heard it right).

Ok - back to the Super Bowl.

* I made the following snacky-type items stolen from Pioneer Woman
Wings - These were for Mark - I could care less about Hot Wings. For the record though, I made some with Pioneer Woman's sauce recipe and I made some with the Hooters jar of wing sauce I bought at Dahl's. Mark liked the homemade better (or perhaps he's wising up in the husband department).

Bacon Appetizers - I don't remember these from the 80's, but apparently they were all the rage then. They were easy, so they win points for that, but they were too greasy (and seriously - when have you ever heard me say that?). I won't make them again.

Then, I branched out from stealing recipes and made a couple of my own. I made my world-famous Chili (ok - not world-famous, but family-famous). Yum!

I also tried to find pepper jelly to put over cream cheese to spread on pita chips. BUT...after looking at both Hy-Vee AND Dahls, no dice. I did find a jalapeno pepper jelly by Knott's Berry Farm, but it didn't look right. We tried it - it tasted like it should have, but the color as atrocious and ruined it for me. Maybe because it resembled the oh so many diapers I've changed over the last couple years. (think of the color of a jalapeno pepper and then tone it down with some gray) Seriously though - didn't pepper jelly used to be red?

That's it - oh, wait...I also made Scotcheroos...which I'll probably have to make more of today so there is no evidence of how many of these I've actually eaten since yesterday. (yikes).


My favorites included the e*trade baby commercials, the Will Ferrell commercial for....hmmm...what was that for? guess it wasn't effective - but it was funny! Oh - duh - Budweiser, what else?


And the winner of the QB cuteness award goes to Tom Brady. Sorry, might be a nice guy - and you won the SuperBowl for goodness sakes, but Mr. Brady has you beat when it comes to hotness. Here's hopin' he wins a good Daddy award to that baby he made with that last girl he was with (not Gisele, whom he is with NOW, but that last one...Bridget Moynahan). But ok - that's ruining it for me - nevermind. On to the cuteness...

Good game - I didn't catch the exciting ending until 3 a.m. (thanks, Grant), but WOW - a good ending.


I thought the half-time show was good. Not over-the-top...but really good! Of course I'm a little embarrassed to say that, since Tom Petty is OLD...and I like him....and there were shots of 20-somethings in the crowd that didn't know the words to his CLASSIC SONGS - and then it made me mad that Tom Petty wasn't even trying to dress make me feel younger. How inconsiderate. I mean, c'mon - is that an ASCOT you're wearing? And what's up with thoes shoe/boots? I'm disappointed that you look so old, cuz that makes me feel old. But good show, man!

Here it is, in case you missed it...

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