Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Highlights:

* Friday I took the little kids to the mall to give our new double stroller a whirl (ours is purple and we did NOT pay this much for it!). LOVE IT! While at the mall I bought this for Grant. Not sure if it is creepy or cute...I"m going with cute. Also bought him this.
* Friday night Mark watched the little kids while I attended Bailey's 2nd show choir competition this year. The first competition a few weeks ago was fabulous and Bailey's middle school placed 1st. This time, her school hosted and they came in 2nd. The third and final competition of the year is coming up in a couple weeks. I never knew there existed this huge sub-culture of show choir people....they're out there, people!

* Saturday afternoon & evening Mark watched the kids again - but this time it was ME time. I went to a friend's house to scrapbook. (trite, I know). I didn't accomplish near enough, but here's a look at my favorite pages. I didn't realize until AFTER that I scrapped the same photo - guess I like that one. ha.

* Sunday morning we went froze our butts off & went to church, came home and Mark converted Lauren's crib into a "big girl bed." Basically it is still a crib minus the front side-rail. Kind of like a mini day bed. Unfortunately we did this BEFORE nap....which meant for over 2 hours she tried on different pairs of shoes, pulled out barrettes from her drawer, read in to EVERYTHING.

* Only fair, Mark spent a few hours ALONE in the garage last night. He deserved it! Lots of kid-watching this weekend!

* Last night after the kids went to bed I sat down to watch The Grammy's. WOW! I don't know if I was just in a good mood because everyone was in bed, or if it really was THAT GOOD of a show! Lots of LIVE performances made for a very entertaining Grammy's. I missed the red-carpet stuff, so I can't really comment on fashions (darn it!)...but I will say that although Tina Turner is AMAZING for her age - some fashion trends just should be more silver shiny corset-ey tops! No more skin-tight shiny silver pants! Go ahead and show off those arms & legs - but not that way! You look fabulous - don't ruin that with bad fashion! I loved her performance w/Beyonce though - good stuff! I planned to talk more about the Grammy's - but I've lost the will this morning. Especially after I read Bossy's post on the Grammy's. I had no prayer of being even HALF as funny as she is - so I'll just point you there for the recap. She is either getting more sleep than me or far less sleep than I am to be THAT funny. Oh - how I wish I had the Photoshop skills! Hilarious!

* This morning, Lauren got herself out of bed (despite the mesh bed rail to keep her from falling out), stripped naked, threw her wet diaper away, put a Pull-Up on (both of her legs through ONE Pull-Up leg), put her PJs back in the drawer, had pulled out a pair of pants and socks and was ready to get busy with the big-girl routine. Wow. I'm already dreading nap time though - Duct tape anyone? =-)

* This morning is FRIGID and I'm SICK OF IT!!! 3°F with a NEGATIVE 13 degree wind-chill factor. I was going to take the kids to Toddler Time at the library and get a few groceries....but it is too cold!!! I heard on the news last night that we have had over 40 inches of snow this season - compared to Minneapolis' 20-some inches. GO AWAY WINTER!

* Today I need to plan meals (makes life SO much easier), clean & do laundry and make some appointments. I also hope, hope, hope to scrapbook some more. This all hinges on Grant taking an afternoon nap. He's been fighting it HORRIBLY lately - which means at 5 p.m. he conks out for the night....which means he's up at 3 or so rarin' to go. NOT GOOD. So I'm desperately trying to fix that situation. Mommy needs sleep!! (again.)


Karen_thrifty said...

The stud muffin shirt is definitely cute and not creepy. :)

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to this! Madeline used to do the strip naked and pee on her sheets thing at age 1, and I finally did resort to duct tape. That's a story for another day.