Monday, February 25, 2008

OSCARS!!! I love watching the Oscars for the fashions, of course...because it is rare that I actually get out to the movies. The Mom of 'Em may not be able to fashionably dress herself these days, but she DOES have an eye for fashion...on OTHER people. Last year, I picked THESE as the best dressed.

And this year? Helen wins it again! Man that lady can dress! Beautiful, elegant...age-appropriate...but STUNNING! Her look would be fantastic on any age. Absolutely LOVED her gown...and just when I thought I was going to lose my mind if I saw one more stinkin' red gown. The photos here don't do it justice - on-camera it was absolutely gorgeous!
Here are a few of my other picks for best-dressed:
(The dress is pretty - but for the love of pete - EAT, girl!)
(I like this dress - minus the slit...but this picture doesn't show good gown in my opinion...maybe not so much for a pastey-white like Renee...but good dress anyway)And the WORST dressed:
(just because you have big boobs doesn't mean the world wants to see them resting on a snake-skin shelf)

(YAWN! And wasn't the crinkly/scrunched look from the 80's? Dreadfully boring dress...bad color, bad style, bad length....and what the heck is on your arms?)(Channeling Ariel here I guess)

(Scary - all the way around - just scary)

(I don't hate the gown - but the color? if that even IS a color....horrible. I think she chose that shade because it is the same color as spit-up...and she hasn't gotten dolled-up much since her son was born).


The Reads said...

Oh my gosh, those were all of my picks too. I totally thought that lady looked like she was trying to copy Ariel! I love Helen's taste in dresses. So classy! I love your last year picks too. I didn't watch last year.

Heather Melzer said...

CRACK ME UP!! I totally agree with everything. So funny!