Friday, February 01, 2008

Further Proof That Men Are From Mars...
Last weekend, when visiting Mark's family, I received a lovely box of vanilla potpourri. From the moment I opened it I have been thinking of where I would place it, what bowl/container I would place it in, how I would position it, how it would make our home smell lovely, etc. Finally on Wednesday of this week I found the perfect bowl. It matched the stainless steel accents in the main level bathroom AND it was on sale. I rushed home from the store to perfectly arrange my Italian Vanilla-scented potpourri in the new bowl and carefully positioned a matching jar candle next to it , which also went nicely with the hand-towel in that bathroom. I was proud of my Martha Stewart-ness, indeed.

And then my husband came home, used the restroom, walked into the kitchen and declared, "That potpourri didn't stand a chance."

MEN! Not only from Mars - but disgusting. In my next house, he WILL have his own bathroom. My bathroom? And all of the other bathrooms in the home? Well they will be pretty and not subject to such blatant potpourri disrespect.


kmb said...

This is really really funny.

The Reads said...

That is hilarious! I love the bowl you found though it is very pretty.