Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Infants' Mylicon for gas relief does NOT have a child-proof lid! I discovered (or should I say LAUREN discovered this) this morning. I turned my back for a couple seconds and turned around to find Lauren with the dropper in Grant's mouth! Now, I don't THINK she was able to really figure out how to squeeze the dropper and give him a full dropper (half a dropper is his dosage) - but I was worried. So I sucked it up and called the pediatrician's office to admit what a horrible mother I am. They were VERY reassuring - says it happens all the time (shwew) and that even if she gave him a full dropper - no worries. THANK YOU, JESUS! I guess we are in for a gas-free day - there's the silver lining. =-) Put your Mylicon up, Moms....those sneaky 2-yr-olds are eager to help when you aren't looking.

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Minimalist Mommy said...

I did the very same thing with infants gravol. Turned out my toddler did not get any based on what was left vs used previously but how mortifying. You feel like such a bad mother. I think every mother has had something like this happer to her even though we say it never will.