Friday, February 01, 2008

I WON Something!

Recently I visited a very cool site, ( for a VERY cool giveaway. Who is Mamanista? According to their site, "Mamanista is dedicated to bringing you the fabulously chic and irresistibly practical. We shop around and compare products for the hip mama on a budget. Tirelessly surfing the web, we link you to the latest celebrity mama gossip, mamarific news, and mamatastic updates."

Sound fantastic? I think so! Even more fabulous? I WON THE GIVEAWAY!!! I won a pair of See Kai Run shoes - the pair of my choice! Impossible to narrow it down to one pair - these shoes are absolutely adorable. And now that I have both a girl AND a boy under the age of 3...I also had to decide which lucky kid would get the posh pair.

The decision? Well, since Lauren is already wearing a size 9 (the maximum size), I went with these for Grant. Hopefully he'll be wearing a size 5 when he starts walking...something I don't want to think about yet.

Thanks again, mamanista for the shoes!

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kmb said...

If I was the one that had to make the decision between those shoes... my head may have exploded. They were all so cute! (Before finishing your blog) I was looking through the shoes trying to decide which ones you could get for Lauren that would look ok on Grant later. I like the shoes you picked as Grant's (future) shoes. Did you have your fashion queen (aka Hermione) help?