Tuesday, March 11, 2008

1 sickie, 2 sickie, 3 sickie, four....too many sickies inside our front door!

First Lauren, then Bailey, then Lauren again, then Grant...and today it's Mark. Too many sickies! Lauren has had 3 doses of Zithromax for her ears. Last night before bed she started complaining about her "bottom" and when I took off her pjs I found a huge raised rash all over her bottom and legs. Ugh. So today - during nap time of course - I'm taking both kids in for a check. I'm guessing her rash was a reaction to the antibiotic, but it was pretty much gone when she woke up this morning. I'm not giving her today's dose of medicine yet - just in case. Grant MAYBE had 4 ounces of bottle all day yesterday - so something isn't right there, either.

Bring on Spring so we can let these germs out of the house!

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Natalie said...

i love your sickie poem!!! i feel the same way but i just have one sickie right now! i'm looking forward to spring too but not looking forward to the allergies part of it! ugh...need to catch a break too!