Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It started at 12:30...complaining of "tummy hurt"...but I didn't think much of it b/c she's been saying that on-an-off since she was sick 3 weeks ago....usually she says that followed by...I need a pop (b/c we gave her 7-Up then)....at 3 she woke up crying and then BAM! Undigested mac & cheese everywhere. I threw her in the tub to wash chunks out of her hair. She continued to vomit all afternoon....when I didn't give her something to drink...she vomited bile. By evening she wasn't even lifting her head or sitting up to vomit...just lying there. Around 7:30 she vomited bile with little chunks of blood in it.

15 minutes until walk-in closed and we're off...Bailey rode along to hold the bowl while I stayed home w/Grant who is bawling and has a fever from shots yesterday. Mark called shortly after 8 to say they want to send her to the E.R. because she is deyhydrated, lethargic and they want to run tests that they can't at walk-in.

So I'm at home....worrying...hoping it is just the flu and that it wasn't really blood chunks but a Fruit Loop fragment or something from breakfast. If they admit her or if it will be late I'll have my Mom come over to stay with Grant (who is now asleep...for now).

I'm worried....how can a Mom NOT be? Even if it is just a bug....to see your toddler lethargic is horrible.

UPDATE: They started an IV to replenish her fluids. This took about 45 min....to find a vein. But the Child Life people are AMAZING and were great at distracting. They gave her some sort of anti-nausea drug, which ended the vomiting. Her electrolytes looked good...so about 30 more minutes on the drip and then she can come home! She is currently sleeping in Mark's arms....hasn't thrown up in awhile...just really thirsty. I know all of this thanks to text messages from Mark....what did we do without that technology in the past????? Iowa Methodist Rocks!

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Andrea said...

Wow, I really hope she is ok!! It just breaks your heart, huh? Sounds very similar to what we had a month ago! Throwing up till there's nothing left to throw up. Keep us updated.