Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Last night Lauren wouldn't touch her dinner - nothing unusual. But a half-hour later she started to say "I don't feel so well." Then she said she was hungry. I assumed this is why she didn't feel well, so I offered her the supper she didn't touch. No dice. Finally I caved and made her toast. She ate one nibble. Then she said she STILL didn't feel so well. I gave her a little Diet 7-Up and tucked her into bed. Less than 20 minutes later - you guessed it. Luckily I had put her hair in a ponytail on top of her head before she went to bed, so we didn't have to have a full bath or shower. However we DID have to change sheets, mattress pad, bed skirt, move the bed to clean it off of the frame and floor.

She seemed to feel after we cleaned everything up we put her back to bed after another sip of 7-up. 10 minutes later? AGAIN! So we cleaned it all up again and let her watch The Backyardigans for about 15 minutes before we put her to sleep again. This time it stuck.

So far this morning she is doing fine. Maybe a little tired - but doesn't seem sick. She never had a fever...and it was an all of a sudden kind of thing. We are so lucky that she's really only thrown up a few times in her 2 1/2 years - and the other times were a one time deal and then she was done. This was the first time it was more than once. She was sweet - poor baby. Don't you just hate it when they don't feel good?

Here's hoping for a good day - and that the baby doesn't catch whatever it is she had - he's too little for that business.

On another note - prayers for a little boy named Kooper today who is waiting for biopsy results on a small cyst they found on his chest. Tests at Madison - so ultimate faith in his care - but I can only image the worry his parents must be going through - please pray it all comes out benign and fine.

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